Dear Mr Devine....

....please could you reinstate my old Wonky Words blog back to the premier position on your sideboard.

I have my reasons. And a very pleasant surprise for you.

Thank you,


For anyone else interested in knitwear, it's HERE 

The Sunday Prompt...

What are three small victories I've achieved lately?

1) A skip has been ordered as a prelude to decluttering and redecorating the house. We all need to start somewhere. 

 2) I moved my blog from WordPress to Blogger - YAY!! But still have no content - Oh. 

 3) I finished reading War and Peace. This is a lie. I finished reading Reinsurance in Practice by RJ Kiln. -  this is another lie. As an aside, I once owned two copies of Reinsurance in Practice - one copy was forced upon me by my boss, the other was given to me by my dad. I don't know anybody who has read beyond the first page because it is so boring. My copies were donated to charity as sleeping aids. I now discover that the book retails for £75. Mine were both first editions. I don't own any copies of War and Peace.

 4) I took a decent picture of a butterfly, although on reflection it looks as though it has pink fluff sticking out of its arse... 


The Daily Prompt: What is one thing I wish I could tell my future self?

No, I do not want to speak to my future self. What is the point of that? She is probably completely addled and in need of having her incontinence pants changed. Surely she should be instructing me by giving me a hot tip for the 4.30 at Chepstow, or such like. A heads up for this weeks lottery numbers would be nice.

I would have nothing to tell her because my future self would have already told herself everything that she thought she needed to know. For example: wear wellingtons this afternoon because it's going to rain.

What a daft prompt. My future self is in the next 60 seconds. I may as well write a To Do list.

Same Picture...

Well bugger me sideways!! Jon's method of tinkering with the HTML code [as detailed in previous comment box] works!! This picture is just as clear as the one that I linked to my WordPress library. I now have two methods of uploading good clear photos to Blogger - which is important to me for bragging about showing my calligraphy skills.

Thank you, Jon!!!

Back Where I started?

On the 2nd June 2008 I wrote my first post on the now archived Scarlet Blue blog, it read as follows: Exposition, don't you just love it? And since 2008 I have indeed exposed an awful lot. I created several Blogspot blogs; jumped ship to WordPress; tinkered on Instagram; flirted with Facebook, and decided against SquareSpace [it gave me a 24hr headache when I tried to use it as a gallery for my calligraphy]. 

The question is: why can't I sit still? I was actually on in 2006/7 and it was a very lonely experience, hence the first move to Blogspot. 
I like fresh blogs - who knows what's going to unfold?! Who knows what characters I am going to meet?!!

Anyhow, I am writing this post simply to find out if I can still get Blogger to work for me. What will my photos look like? Does it feel comfortable? Can I upload a photo? Will I ever get used to the crazy formatting? Does it feel like coming home?